The HOSTIP.INFO database would not be here if it weren't for the contributions of many. Below is a list of people who have given their contributions to build a better and more accessible database for your use. This is a very active project, and if you are interested in contributing, email me at [email protected] for more information.

Many thanks to:
  • Simon Gornall - founder of the hostip project and database, and also built most of the API functions in use today!
  • Ozone - added flags for private networks.
  • Ries van Twisk - ported install scripts, etc to PostgreSQL
  • Makamaka Hannyaharamitu - perl module for easy retrieval of addresses (you can get this in CPAN at WWW::HostipInfo)
Mobile Applications:

Alessio Ricco recently released an iPhone App to plot ip addresses on Google Maps. It even has the capability to feed data back into Hostip - so you can help us improve just by using it!

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API Extensions:
Mashups / Plugins:

Source [ Git ] Repository

There is a public Git repository available for all interested developers for the Firefox Plugin (and people wishing to see how this works). Please feel free to make any patches necessary - and also add anything if you feel inclined (this project was built by some excellent contributors, so don't hold back!) We used to have a repo for some miscellaneous scripts that interacted with the interface, but the contributed source above made the repository obsolete.

Donations takes not only time, but plenty of bandwidth and other resources (hosting, etc). If you would like to make a donation, no matter how large nor small, we always appreciate it! There are many pay-for-geo-ip services out there, but we truly believe a community effort really works best. Help us keep this service free. Thank you!

Click here to lend your support to: Hostip - Free IP Geolocation and API and make a donation at !